How Are Your Candles Developed and Are They Safe?

Our candles are rigorously tested and fully certified to meet the highest safety and quality standards. Each batch undergoes comprehensive testing at facilities accredited by UKAS, and meets ISO 17025 standards for in-house testing as of Q1 2016. We adhere strictly to EU standards, covering fire safety, sooting, and labeling requirements.

Each candle is developed to surpass these rigorous tests and comes with a safety label located under the product. We include detailed candle care instructions on our packaging along with a clear list of any allergens present. Rest assured, all our labels comply fully with CLP regulations, ensuring that you are fully informed about the correct and safe use of our products.

Are Your Candles Vegan?

Yes, all our candles are vegan and cruelty-free. We do not conduct animal testing on any of our products.

What Wax Do You Use In Your Candles?

We use a premium blend of mineral and vegetable waxes, developed by a leading candle wax manufacturer over many years. This blend is refined to the highest standards of purity and is safe for both health and the environment, without any adverse effects.

Why Do You Use Mineral Wax in Your Candles?

Our choice of a premium mineral wax blend is due to its superior performance in several key areas:

  • Fragrance Release: Provides excellent cold and hot throw, ensuring consistent and rich aroma.
  • Burn Quality: Burns evenly and efficiently, improving the candle's lifespan and performance.
  • Adhesion: Strong adherence to glass minimizes residue and ensures a clean burn.
  • Finish: Offers a smooth, luxurious finish that enhances the candle's aesthetic.

This wax is not only refined to the highest purity levels but is also vegan and environmentally friendly, aligning with our ethical commitments.

Where Are Your Candles Made?

All our candles and diffusers are hand-poured in England.

What Wicks Do You Use in Your Candles?

We use lead-free cotton wicks in our candles, ensuring a safe and high-quality burn.

Do Candles Have a Shelf Life?

The fragrance oils in scented candles have a maximum shelf life of 24 months under optimal conditions. To maximize your candle's life, store it in a cool place around 15°C (59°F) and minimize exposure to direct sunlight and air. For best results, we recommend using your candle within 24 months from the purchase date to ensure optimal fragrance and burn quality.

I Have Noticed Bubbles On The Side Of The Candle, Is This Normal?

The phenomenon known as "Pull Away" might look like bubbles along the sides of the candle but is actually a normal occurrence where the wax pulls away from the glass due to temperature changes. This does not affect the burn performance and is purely aesthetic, a natural result of the wax's properties.