About Us...

Everyone’s path through life is different, and life’s precious moments no matter how big or how small deserve to be recognised. From Today… offers a thoughtfully created range of gifts to commemorate moments for everyone, in every way.

Who We Are

The Creation

From Today… was created by a group of professional women juggling the demands of life, work and family who were searching for ways to thoughtfully recognise the moments in the lives of their friends and loved ones. Conventionally big milestones like weddings, babies and new homes are commonly celebrated, but what about everything else? What about equally important moments in people’s lives such as quitting a job, leaving a toxic relationship, or finding a new passion?

Celebrating The Important Moments

No matter the journey that people are on, it’s important to recognise important moments and make the people in your life feel special. Monumental moments look different for everyone… So, we’re on a mission to change the landscape of gift giving and what we choose to celebrate.

we celebrate "just because" just as much as "just married"

We’re driven by three things…


We curate the most beautiful gifts centred around wellbeing to thoughtfully recognise moments in peoples’ lives. Thoughtfulness is woven into every stage of our journey so that you can pass this on to the people you love through the giving of a gift.

We’re driven by three things…


Everyone’s path in life is different and the moments that are special to each of us are unique, we create gifts for everybody and for every occasion. Whether it’s coming out, starting menopause or quitting a job or a hundred other things in between, we’ve got something for you.

We’re driven by three things…


We cheer with you in life’s joyous moments and we offer love, support and strength in life’s challenging times. We empower gift givers with a range of beautiful products for every occasion.

From Today… who knows where your path will take you next.

We believe that moments can’t be measured and we celebrate ‘Just because’ just as much as ‘Just married’. Our range of beautifully presented products promote wellbeing and mindfulness, creating the opportunity to stop and recognise each moment in life’s journey.